Handmade Abalone and Sterling Silver necklace and earrings made with genuine gemstones

Handmade Abalone and Sterling Silver necklace and earrings.


A 3 drop Abalone pendant necklace and earring set. This jewellery set is handmade with beautiful double sided Abalone. The necklace has 3 drops of Abalone on sterling silver with a sterling silver chain. The single drop Abalone earrings are  on sterling silver.

An elegant, casual, chic, boho, holiday necklace and earring set. Handmade in Roscommon, Ireland. Nickel and lead free.


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Handmade necklace of Abalone teardrop shape beads and sterling silver.

I have used 3 drops of abalone, linked with Sterling Silver, to create a lovely elegant drop, suspended from a sterling silver chain. The Abalone is double sided with lovely blue, green, pink iirridiscent tones – like oil on water –  each one is different.  The pendant drop measures approx. 6 cm (2.5 inches) . The Sterling Silver  chain is 45cm (18 inches) long.

The earrings are a single drop of beautiful double sided Abalone on Sterling silver. The drop is approx. 16mm long.

Other sets will be slightly different to the photograph as each Abalone has slightly different markings and patterns, but the design will be the same.

Handmade in Roscommon, Ireland. All metal in this set is .925 Sterling Silver, so is Nickel and lead free.

Abalone is also known as Paua shell and is the gem of New Zealand.

Abalone has been used by many cultures through the ages. It has been used as masks, jewellery and decorative bowls. In Native American cultures, abalone shell is used as a smudge bowl to burn sage as it is believed that abalone and sage together will carry their messages up to heaven.

In crystal healing, Abalone is said to have a calming effect. It is said to relieve anxiety and stress. It is said to help with arthritis, joint disorders and muscular problems.

There are many books and websites with a wealth of information on gemstones, should you wish to do your own research.


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