Handmade wire wrapped fossil coral pendant

Handmade fossilised Coral wire wrapped pendant


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Fossilised Coral wire wrapped pendant

A lovely piece of fossilised coral that I have netted and wrapped in wire to create an elegant, classic, boho chic pendant. I have used a silver plated copper colour wire to capture the fossil coral button. The pendant measures just over 3cm including the bail. The wire is nickel and lead free. The stone has lovely soft beige, with hints of pink and brown tones, it has definite markings and patterns. Each pendant will be different due to the organic nature of the gemstone. To make a frame for the stone, I have used a wire netting technique based on the ancient art of couching – when pearls and gems were handstitched into gowns.

Fossilised Coral is formed when agate replaces the fossilised organic remains of the coral.

This Fossilised coral or Agatised coral as it is known, is from Indonesia. It has long been used as a protection against the evil eye. It is said to be a calming and soothing stone, helps to ground the wearer.

There are many websites and books on crystal healing, should you wish to carry out your own research.

Designed and made by hand in Co Roscommon, Ireland.

Price is for the pendant only, it is not supplied with a chain. The pendant bail is large enough to accommodate a chain, cord or ribbon – whatever you choose.

Crystals can be programmed for the recipient, just ask.




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