Red Jasper, Rose Gold plated necklace.

Red jasper necklace


A classic, boho, casual wearable necklace, handmade with red Jasper faceted coins and rose gold plated beads and chain. While the stone is called Red Jasper, it does have tones of brown. Necklace is Nickel and lead free.

Jewellery accessories, handmade in Roscommon, Ireland.


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Red jasper faceted coins necklace.

A handmade necklace using red jasper faceted coins. The red jasper coins are separated with rose gold plated spacer beads, the chain and toggle clasp are also rose gold plated. The necklace is approx. 18 inches long. The genuine jasper gemstones are approx. 10mm rounds and faceted. The gemstone part of the necklace is the centre and measures approx. 9 inches long.

Red Jasper has been revered throughout the ages as a sacred and powerful stone of protection. It was known as a stone of vibrance and endurance, a stone of warriors, a promoter of justice, protection and life. It is said that the magical sword of Siegfried, the dragon slayer, had a red jasper in the hilt to give him courage.  Red Jasper has used as a carved protection amulet in ancient Egypt to be placed on the neck of the dead. It is also thought that red Jasper may have been the Ruby mentioned in the Bible, the first stone in the breastplate of Aaron. In Native American history, red Jasper was called the blood of Mother Earth.

In crystal healing, Red Jasper is known as a stone of endurance, gently stimulating the LIfe Force. Bringing strength and stamina, focus and determination, helping to set and achieve goals. Red Jasper is also said to help alleviate stress and aid with grounding. It helps to eliminate negativity, and clears the mind during meditation or prayer.

There are many books and websites with a wealth of information about Red Jasper and other gemstones, should you wish to do your own research.

This necklace is handmade in Roscommon, Ireland. Nickel and lead free.


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