Moonstone wire wrapped pendant with black Spinel.

Moonstone wire wrapped pendant.


Wire wrapped Moonstone pendant. Clear and white Moonstone with blue flashes. wrapped, by hand in silver plated copper wire. Accented with a single faceted Black Spinel. Wearable gemstone jewellery, boho, casual, elegant necklace. Handmade in Roscommon, Ireland. Nickel and lead free.

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Beautiful Moonstone Wire Wrapped Pendant with black Spinel

A beautiful Moonstone cabochon that I have hand wrapped in Sterling Silver plated copper wire to create a pendant.  I have added a single faceted black Spinel to accent the moonstone. The pendant has a total length of approx. 3cm.
The moonstone has a clear/white body colour with blue flashes of adularescence, a natural phenomena found in Moonstone. The black Spinel is often used instead of black diamond by many well known jewellery designers.
The Moonstone cabochon is wrapped, by hand, in Sterling Silver plated copper wire using a medieval technique known as ‘couching’. Supplied on a silver plated chain – approx. 17 inches long.

All metal is nickel and lead free.

Moonstone has been used for millennia, the ancient Romans believed it was the rays of the moon trapped in rocks. Moonstone is often used in crystal healing. Its is said to carry the energy of the new moon at, believed to stimulate psychic perception. It is said to magnify one’s emotions, activating the kundalini energy in women and emotional balance in men, and to protect against nightmares in children and to aid sleep.

Black Spinel is believed to help you release the past so you can more easily move forward into the future. It is said to helps hoarders let go of emotional baggage so that one can attain clarity of mind and energy.

There are numerous websites with information about crystal healing should you wish to carry out your own research.

Jewellery designed and made by hand in Co Roscommon, Ireland.







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