Handmade White Baroque pearl pendant necklace

White baroque nucleated pearl pendant necklace


A unique, individual pearl for the individual woman. This  freshwater cultured baroque nucleated white high lustre pearl has an unusual shape – it reminds me of a bird with its head tucked under its wing. The pearl is white with a cream top, with hints of pink and blue. This pearl pendant on sterling silver is on a 28inch Sterling Silver rope chain. Pearl is a birthstone for June. Pearls are popular for bridal jewellery as they are said to protect the bride from tears on her wedding day. This pendant necklace is handmade in Roscommon, Ireland. This pendant would make an ideal gift.



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Handmade White Baroque pearl pendant

This nucleated, baroque shape freshwater cultured pearl makes a perfect statement pendant. The pearl is approx. 20mm (almost 2cm) long. I have teamed it with .925 Sterling Silver to create an elegant, timeless piece of effortless wear jewellery. This pendant  – including sterling bail – is approx. 30mm (3cm) long. The 69 cm (28 inch) sterling silver rope chain compliments this pearl to create a luxury jewellery accessory.

The pearl is a nucleated, freshwater cultured pearl  – it could have taken up to 10 years to grow. The pearl is approx. 30mm long and approx. 18mm at its widest. It is a white pearl with a lovely lustre – hints of pink and blue. It has cream colours on the top of the pearl. It has an uneven, quirky shape, giving it character and individuality – I see the shape of a bird with its head tucked under its wing but you may see something different in this pearl. This could be your heirloom pearl, passed down through the family.

Pearls are organic gems that grow inside clams and molluscs. Pearls are associated with Venus – the goddess of beauty. Pearls are a birthstone for the month of June. They have long been used in jewellery, including bridal jewellery as they are believed to protect a bride from tears on her wedding day. Pearls are said to bring happiness, wisdom and wealth. They are said to represent faith, charity and innocence.

There are many websites and books with information on crystal healing and symbols should you wish to carry out your own research.

All metal is .925 Sterling Silver so is nickel and lead free. This is an elegant pendant necklace, wear it with casual, elegant or boho outfits.

This pearl is ideal if you want a very unique pearl, as individual as you. Life is too short to be ordinary.

Should you prefer a larger baroque pearl in Rose Gold, please see other listing on my website.

This delightful statement pearl pendant necklace will be delivered in a gift box, so would make an ideal gift.

Crystals can be programmed for the wearer.

Handmade in Roscommon, Ireland.

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