Garnet and Pyrite handmade necklace and earring set

Garnet and Pyrite necklace & earring set


Graduated Garnet and coated pyrite necklace and earring set. Handmade and designed in Roscommon, Ireland. Rich deep wine red garnet. January birthstone, anniversary gift. Nickel and lead free, gold plated copper. Elegant, timeless, always on trend jewellery set. Crystal healing set, programmed crystals. Drop earings with movement.

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Garnet and Pyrite necklace & earring set

Garnet is a birthstone for January, it is also traditionally a gift for the 2nd and 18th wedding anniversaries.

This handmade necklace is approx. 17 inches long with approx. 2 inches extender chain. The metal is gold plated copper, so is all nickel and lead free.

The Garnet beads range from approx. 10mm at the centre, graduated to approx. 4mm and interspersed with coated Pyrite beads. The centre Garnets have a rich deep dark red/purple colour with moments of clarity. The smaller garnets have a deep colour but with more silks and inclusions.  The pyrite beads have a gold colour coating to enhance their longevity.

The earrings are a drop style, make with a 4mm garnet bead with a pyrite bead, designed to have some movement. All metal is gold plated copper  Рnickel and lead free.

Garnet is said to bring love, luck, health and friendship. It is also said to protect the wearer while travelling. It is believed to improve self confidence. It is said that the name Garnet comes from its resemblance to the seeds of the pomegranate.

Pyrite is said to help overcome shyness and increase assertiveness.

There are many websites and books with information about crystal structure, healing etc, should you wish to carry out your own research.

Designed and handmade in Roscommon, Ireland.

This set will be posted in a presentation box, so will make an ideal gift.

Crystals can be programmed for the recipient, just ask.



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