Rose Quartz Wishing Bracelet Card

Rose Quartz Wishing Bracelet Card


Handmade Genuine Rose Quartz Wishing Bracelet Card. Give the “Gift of a Wish”.

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Give the “Gift of a Wish” with a Handmade Genuine Gemstone Rose Quartz Wishing Bracelet card.

When you want to give more than just a card, give a genuine Gemstone Wishing Bracelet Card, It’s a card and a gift in one. The card has been specially designed for the wishing bracelets.

Ideal for most occasions, for a friend, a flowergirl, bridesmaid, teacher, sister, aunt etc.

Rose Quartz is the stone of Universal love and friendship.

This item does not contain any metal.

Each bracelet is different  – card shown is for illustration purposes, your bracelet may be different.

To use the bracelet, take it off the card, put it on the wrist (or ankle as preferred) and tie 3 knots making your wish with each knot you tie. You can cut off the excess cord. The cord will eventually wear through and that’s when you MAY get your wish.

This is not a toy, contains small beads, keep out of the reach of children.



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