Hazelrocks Handmade Gemstone Jewellery

Handmade Using Ethically Mined/Sourced Genuine Gemstones  Gemstones like Smoky Quartz,Cultured Pearls,Aquamarine,Quartzite And Many More



Welcome to Hazelrocks Handmade Gemstone Jewellery.

I design and make jewellery in Roscommon, Ireland, using Ethically Mined/Sourced Genuine Gemstones, silver, handmade polymer beads, glass, wire and other items. I also make Genuine Gemstone Wish Bracelet Cards – “Give the Gift of a Wish”. I am based in Co.Roscommon, Ireland. I am a member of Crafted in Roscommon, MyCreativeEdge.EU, Inside[Craft], DCCoI and the Irish Polymer Clay Guild.


I love gemstones, the way they look and feel and the way they can make us feel when we wear them. My handmade gemstone jewellery is made with genuine Gemstones ,each piece is made with care and love and each piece of jewellery is different. All genuine gemstones have different healing properties, and there are many different websites and books giving details of those. I make jewellery – earings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants, with healing gemstones but they look like fashionable, wearable pieces of jewellery. People have been using and wearing gemstones for centuries. Gemstones have been found in grave goods from earliest burials. Gemstones have been used as status symbols, currency, make-up, paint and jewellery through the ages.  I love the Tree of Life symbol – it has been used in nearly all cultures and religions, in some form or other. I make Celtic Tree of LIfe pendants with wire and genuine gemstones – they can be worn as pendants, used as window hangings or symbols of your own beliefs. My little handmade “Angel in your Pocket” designs are very popular with all ages. I can make them with glass bead or gemstones, depending on your budget. They are ideal to hang in your car, your handbag, worn as jewellery, put in a card for a gift or even to put on a bridal bouquet as a reminder of a loved one. My handmade Genuine gemstone Wishing Bracelet Cards are an ideal gift – it’s a card and gift in one. They do not contain any metal, so can be posted anywhere in the world. Each bracelet is handmade by me, so each one will be slightly different. “Give the Gift of an Irish Wish”.


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